What is Alta Gracia and what makes it unique?
Alta Gracia is the only factory in the world that supplies universities with “living wage” (more than triple the legal minimum wage), union-made, apparel.  Our standards are verified via frequent, unrestricted monitoring by the Worker Rights Consortium, a third party watchdog organization with which over 180 colleges and universities are affiliated.

 Does Alta Gracia Apparel cost more than other brands?
Alta Gracia costs no more than other well-known brands. We are taking a smaller profit on sales of our apparel, because we believe that once the university community is aware of the difference it makes in workers’ lives and the community they live in, they’ll choose Alta Gracia.

Where can I buy Alta Gracia?
Alta Gracia t-shirts, hoodies and fleeces are available in over 450 college and university bookstores. You can find out if your school offers Alta Gracia and buy directly from the bookstore online or visit the campus bookstore in person.
How can I help bring Alta Gracia to my school?
If you don’t see your school listed on our apparel page, you could email us at info_at_altagraciaapparel.com or sign our fill out our Get Involved form about how you would like to support Alta Gracia and we will get back.  Encourage your friends to get involved too, if enough of you sign the pledge, we can ask bookstores to stock Alta Gracia!  

Can I order Alta Gracia for my sorority/rugby team/church group/chess club/school uniform?
Yes! We have partnered with EthixMerch.com and Alta Gracia t-shirts will be available for shipping starting in early March. Learn more about how to order.
What does a living wage mean? How did you determine it?
The Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)
performed a comprehensive market-basket analysis in order to establish a living wage standard for free trade zone apparel workers in the Dominican Republic. Based on this analysis, the WRC determined that in US dollars (expressed as an hourly wage, the Dominican minimum wage $0.84 an hour and the living wage is $2.83 an hour), Alta Gracia pays our workers $510 a month. That equals to a 340% increase to the legal minimum wage of $150 per month in the Dominican Republic.  The WRC verifies that Alta Gracia pays its workers enough to allow them to meet basic needs for themselves and their families, including nutritious food, drinkable water, housing and energy, clothing, health care, transportation, education and childcare, as well as funds for savings.
How do I know Alta Gracia is complying?
The Alta Gracia factory receives its verification based on frequent, unrestricted monitoring by the Worker Rights Consortium, the independent labor watchdog organization with which over 180 colleges and universities are affiliated.

 Where is the Alta Gracia factory?
Our factory is in Villa Altagracia, Dominican Republic, a small village about an hour’s drive from the capital city, Santo Domingo.  This area of the country has experienced very high unemployment and so the jobs created by Alta Gracia make a very big difference in the lives of the entire community.

Why the Dominican Republic?
We would like to see the Alta Gracia model extended to apparel workers everywhere including the United States. We started in the Dominican Republic because the workers in Villa Altagracia had experience sewing college logo clothing for U.S. universities but lost their jobs when their employer ended production. 

What Does Alta Gracia mean?
Our brand gets its name from Villa Altagracia, the town in the Dominican Republic where our factory is located. The name means “High Grace” – we hope we’re getting there...

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