Alta Gracia Collegiate Program

Since our founding in 2010, Alta Gracia has become trusted as the leader in socially conscious apparel at over 600 colleges and universities. Along the way, we've found out just how much truly caring translates to a product thats better for all of us.

Find Alta Gracia at your School

Our products are available at over 500 universities through partnerships with Barnes & Noble, Follett, independent bookstores, Blue Star Merchandising (Dallas Cowboys), and Fanatics.

Duke University

Duke was the first school to place an order with the factory and feature Alta Gracia in its stores, giving the brand and its mission a critical early boost. Since 2010, the Duke University Stores have sold Alta Gracia apparel to thousands of students, making Living Wage apparel a Duke tradition.

Georgetown University

The Alta Gracia Research Project at Georgetown has incorporated case material into several business and ethics classes. Georgetown is partnering with Alta Gracia on a documentary that outlines the impact of Living Wage on workers and families in the area.

Harvard University

Alta Gracia - along with Whole Foods, GAP, and Banana Republic - was featured at Harvard’s Sustainability, Transparency, and Accountability Research (STAR) conference. The Lab brings together scholars to assess how new business initiatives are empowering consumers to make better-informed decisions for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

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