Vandy Students Embrace Alta Gracia In More Ways Than One


Guest blog post by Vanderbilt University senior, Ari Schwartz

It’s been quite a week for Alta Gracia at Vanderbilt University! In just a few days, the student newspaper published a feature story on Alta Gracia, CEO Joe Bozich visited his alma mater to tell the Alta Gracia story, the new Barnes & Noble campus bookstore made its grand opening, and today, a class of freshmen psychology students chatted with Alta Gracia workers over Skype.

My name is Ari Schwartz and I’m a senior at Vandy. For the first time in my four years here, students are talking about how the simple decision to buy a shirt in the bookstore can be so much more: that a purchase can be a stand for dignified and just working conditions, a stand for solidarity with the people of Villa Altagracia, and a stand for a new business model, where workers and consumers are not separated by thousands of miles but connected by a common goal. Vanderbilt students are talking about how an apparel factory can enrich an entire community and how a corporate model can blaze a progressive trail in an industry, not just pursue the bottom line. Most important of all, Vanderbilt students are talking to Alta Gracia workers like Maritza Vargas via Skype, realizing that the t-shirt you purchase can help shape the apparel industry—making clothing lines around the world pay the people who sew the clothes a living and dignified wage.


One of the psychology students on the Skype call asked me today: “What can we do to make sure Alta Gracia succeeds?” She already knew the answer. We, students at Vanderbilt, have to prove to Alta Gracia and to our bookstore that we support living wage, union-made clothes, that we believe “changing lives one shirt at a time” is more than a slogan. We’re on our way to doing that here at Vanderbilt – one purchase, one Skype call, and one newspaper article at a time.


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