Top Alta Gracia Moments of 2011 PLUS Our New Years Recommendations for 2012


Our 2011 wrap-up and 2012 New Years resolutions. It's all here!

We are so excited to wrap-up an exciting and successful 2011.  Looking back on this past year we have seen some remarkable moments that.  You voted on your top favorite Alta Gracia moments of 2011 and here they are

The Alta Gracia Factory Worker East Coast Tour
Our Alta Gracia factory workers decided they wanted to share their stories and meet our supporters in person—so they hit the road. Maritza Vargas and Elba Nuris traveled all the way from Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic to Washington, D.C. and toured east coast college campuses like Temple University, New York University, Columbia, University of North Carolina, Duke and Yale.  It was a powerful two weeks for them to meet the people who work everyday to ensure the success of Alta Gracia.  Students and individuals all along the East Coast had the opportunity to meet these workers in person, ask questions, and learn about how Alta Gracia was started, the challenges we have faced, the successes we fought for and the hopes for the future of the factory, the workers and their families.


Our First Live-Streamed Public Networking Event
The Alta Gracia team has been traveling across the country attending college and community events to meet supporters and educate the public about our mission.  But on June 16th we held our own event in Washington D.C. and opened it to anyone in the area.  But that’s not all—we also live-streamed the event and had people from all over the country join in too.  The event boasted speakers from the Workers Rights Consortium, United Students Against Sweatshops, the Alta Gracia team and the main event was Skyping in two of our factory workers.  Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and connect Alta Gracia supporters.





We Receive an A+ from the Workers Rights Consortium Working Conditions Report



The Workers Rights Consortium is a third party watchdog that monitors factory conditions.  They have unrestricted access to the factory and make frequent visits.  We are proud to announce that we received an A+ after year two--Proving that we continue to stand by our vision of paying our workers a living wage, respecting their rights, and fostering a happy and healthy work environment.


CSR Report Shows that Consumer Conscious Products (Like Alta Gracia) Are Gaining Popularity




The Huffington Post published an article on a new consumer report showing that 98% of consumers prefer to purchase products that support a cause.  When cost and product quality were not a factor 98 out of 100 survey respondents,  “are looking for an enlightening way to spend their dollars.”  Great news for Alta Gracia apparel since our sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees not only cost the same as other brands but are also made with the highest quality. 


Alta Gracia is Featured in Good Magazine…Twice
Good Magazine featured Alta Gracia two times this year.  First, as a “Good Co-Finalist”, we were one of two companies that make “international trade fairer”.   To be more specific Good looked at companies around the country who are, “treating their workers rights and creating sustainable economic systems”.   Well Good settled on Alta Gracia and Good Harvest.  The second time we were featured it was looking into how we manage to stay competitive while paying our workers a living wage.  Delving deeper into how our vision for Alta Gracia has become a reality and how it is proving that you can pay a living wage to the people who make the clothes.




Alta Gracia Launches the Common Threads Movement



At our One-Year Anniversary (back in September), we launched a new “Get Involved” program called the Common Threads Movement--An initiative to involve supporters from all over to join the Alta Gracia mission.  Now students and individuals have the opportunity to join the movement by writing a blog post, wearing Alta Gracia and submitting a photo, or offering to host an Alta Gracia event, inviting friends to “like” us on Facebook and more!


Need some New Years resolution ideas? 
The Alta Gracia team came-up with a few socially conscious options to consider for 2012.

1. Purchase Alta Gracia and share your support with friends and networks.
2. Carry your groceries in reusable bags.
3. Repurpose your old clothes.
4. Buy locally whenever you can.
5. Invite five of your friends to join the Common Threads Movement.


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