Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News


From local newspapers to University newspapers, Alta Gracia is popping up everywhere.  This week’s Round-up has coverage from lots of good Big 10 schools like The University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, and University of Minnesota, plus nice stories from Duke and the University of Houston.

The University of Wisconsin – The Cap Times
Campus Connection: Are Bucky Backers Socially Conscious?

Thanks to efforts from the university's Labor Licensing Policy Committee, UW-Madison and Bucky Badger logoed sweatshirts and T-shirts produced by Alta Gracia Apparel now are available at all University Book Store locations.
"It's up to the public now," says Patrick McGowan, University Book Store president. "We can buy whatever. The university can support whatever. But until the public buys it, it doesn't mean anything. The good news with this product is it stands up well when you compare it side-to-side -- how it feels, how it looks, and how it's priced -- to other brands. So the public can get a very similar product at a very similar cost, knowing it's made under a ‘living wage' situation."

DukeUniversity – Duke Today
A Fair Price for Duke Clothing

Durham, NC--For more than 100 factory workers in the Dominican Republic, all it took was one person to make a life-changing difference.
For the past 13 years, Jim Wilkerson, Duke's director of trademark licensing and Duke Stores, has been a national leader in lobbying for improved factory conditions around the globe, helping to establish labor standards and organizations to defend the rights of workers who make clothes - particularly items bearing the logos of Duke and other universities.

Universityof Houston– Fair Labor Action Committee
Skype Conversation with Alta Gracia Workers

This conversation really opened up peoples minds and was a unique experience for everyone involved. After Maritza’s speech, different workers took questions from the UH audience. Marcus, a student who was attending his first FLAC event, wanted to know more about the workers and the supervisors who had been there before the factory organized.

Universityof Michigan – The Michigan Daily
‘U’ Apparel Line Looks to Stress Ethical Production

Students in the market for a new Michigan sweatshirt may take several factors into consideration: blue or maize, fitted or loose, hooded or crewneck. But at least one store on campus has introduced another option to think about, urging customers to buy ethical University clothing the same way they might “buy organic”.

Universityof Minnesota – The Minnesota Daily
Fair Trade Apparel – Finally – At the University

Alta Gracia, recently introduced at the University of Minnesota Bookstore, is a new brand of collegiate licensed apparel that is 100-percent sweatshop-free and supports its workers with living wages and fair working conditions.
This is a huge step for the Bookstore and the University as a whole. We now see a stand against labor abuses in the global garment industry. At the Bookstore students now have the option of two Alta Gracia items that are comparable to — and in most cases cheaper than — the prices of other University apparel


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