Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News—Week of Sept. 20


With October approaching and universities around the country kicking into high gear, we’re seeing some terrific articles appear on campuses. Here are some stories from UMass-Amherst, Yale, Georgetown, University of Maryland, St. Louis University, and more…

Yale University- Yale Daily News
Yale Bookstore adds socially conscious brand

While the Yale Bookstore manager King would not release specific sales numbers, he said the brand has sold “very well.”

St. Bonaventure University- The Bona Venture
Bookstore supports higher wages
McGraw said the bookstore plans on promoting the apparel with signs and posters. It will also have tags with pictures of Alta Gracia factory workers and an endorsement from the Workers Rights Consortium, which has never backed a brand, the New York Times reported.

Tulane University- The Tulane Hullabaloo
Living-wage college gear arrives at Tulane
“It’s awesome that we as students have the opportunity to support corporations that pay their workers fair and sustainable wages,” said senior Mary Alice Sandberg, regional organizer for United Students Against Sweatshops.

St. Louis University- The University News
Bookstore  carries Alta Gracia clothing
The WRC has been responsible for developing labor standards and the living wage figure, which is 338 percent higher than the minimum wage in the Dominican Republic, and is happy to report that Alta Gracia’s compliance has been “exemplary,” according to Theresa Haas, director of communications for the WRC.

UMass-Amherst- The Daily Collegian
UMass a part of a new ethical apparel approach
Collaborating with former executives of J.P. Stevens Textile Corporation, Milliken & Company and Gerber Childrenswear, the team organized a $500,000 renovation of the Dominican Republic factory. Every effort was made to create a safe and comfortable working environment for the community. Adequate lighting and ventilation systems were installed and all seamstresses were provided ergonomic chairs, originally suspected to be for bosses by the wary workers. Most impressive of all, the factory would now be paying a living wage.

Georgetown University- The Hoya
Standards rise for apparel
Starting this fall, some of the apparel sold at the university bookstore carries a story with it: The employees of the manufacturers are paid a living wage and afforded worker benefits as part of an ambitious multinational experiment.

University of Maryland- The Diamondback
One T-shirt at a time
In the past, some of the companies that distributed these items have based their production in developing countries with easy access to cheap labor. Students from universities across the nation such as this one have consistently protested against collegiate apparel created under inhumane working conditions.

Cal-State Northridge- Daily Sundial
Matador Bookstore sells new clothing line that helps families make a living

“This exciting new offering will enable students, their families, and alumni to buy T-shirts and fleeces made at a factory that pays its workers a living wage, fully respects their associational rights, and meets or exceeds all university labor standards,” said Amy Berger, director of the Matador Bookstore.


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