NYU’s Civic Action Team Partners With Alta Gracia


Guest blog post by Elly Stolnitz, a New York University Civic Action team member, explaining the mission of the Civic Action team, talking about what to expect at the upcoming 2012 Civic Camp starting Friday, March 23rd, and why they decided to partner with Alta Gracia!

This Friday, March 23, 2012, the New York University Civic Team is very excited to be hosting its annual Civic Camp! The NYU Civic Team provides students opportunities to volunteer or intern on an ongoing basis at New York City non-profit or government agencies, and through their active participation in educational programs and experiential learning increase their knowledge and understanding of the societal issues that these agencies strive to address. Civic Camp is an annual day-long intensive workshop intended to bridge social justice and civic engagement in an effort to prepare students to be social advocates in their local communities and abroad. Through Civic Camp, the Civic Team hopes to open students' eyes to different trajectories for creating change, provide networking opportunities and enhance skill development.

This year the theme of Civic Camp is "Act Local, Think Global" and given Alta Gracia's socially responsible business model, the Civic Team immediately thought of Alta Gracia as the perfect participant for our corporate responsibility panel, titled Bridging the Gap: Corporate Perspectives on Social Responsibility. Last semester the NYU Bookstore chose the Civic Team to receive 20% of sales of Alta Gracia apparel sold on October 6, 2011 as part of National Student Day. It was an extremely successful fundraiser in partnership with the Coalition for Alta Gracia @ NYU and we are very happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Alta Gracia again. Other workshops during Civic Camp will focus on human trafficking, social entrepreneurship, homelessness, environmental volunteerism, and social media approaches to social change. We know that companies can view and approach social responsibility in various ways, and we are looking forward to hearing from Rachel Taber about Alta Gracia's visions, stories and approaches in making a positive impact on development, business and society.


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