The Shirt Unveiled

Students at the University of Notre Dame came together on April 20, 2012 for the unveiling of "The Shirt 2012" which commemorated 125 years of Notre Dame football. The Shirt Project decided to go with living wage, union made Alta Gracia apparel as their vendor, and we couldn't be happier to have been part of the tradition. 

Take a look at this short clip that was taken at the event.


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Step-up for Alta Gracia


The purpose of the First Class Steppers of Notre Dame is to educate the community of the University of Notre Dame, as well as the greater area of South Bend, Indiana, on the African-American tradition and culture of stepping, a modern form of...

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Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire


On the 101st Centennial of the Triangle Factory Fire, it’s strange to think how history has spiraled back to the point of departure, at this very place where I’m standing taking photos on my i-phone.   Staring up at Brown Hall – a building...

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NYU’s Civic Action Team Partners With Alta Gracia


This Friday, March 23, 2012, the New York University Civic Team is very excited to be hosting its annual Civic Camp! The NYU Civic Team provides students opportunities to volunteer or intern on an ongoing basis at New York City non-profit or...

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The Faces of Villa Altagracia: The People Impacted by the Alta Gracia Factory


One afternoon during the college student delegation visit to the Alta Gracia factory in January, a group of us traveled to a beautiful little park in Villa Altagracia to hear from the children of Alta Gracia workers. After a fun game of team tag,...

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Change Your Clothes: Online Workshops


CHANGE your clothes!  CHANGE the garment industry!  CHANGE workers’ lives! Join other members of the Ignatian family for a series of online workshops about Alta Gracia, a living-wage union-made apparel initiative rooted in a decade of student...

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Alta Gracia Fan Spotlight!


In Strength to Love, written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, King remarks, “We are everlasting debtors to known and unknown men and women.... When we arise in the morning, we go into the bathroom where we reach for a sponge provided for us...

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Top Alta Gracia Moments of 2011 PLUS Our New Years Recommendations for 2012


We are so excited to wrap-up an exciting and successful 2011.  Looking back on this past year we have seen some remarkable moments that.  You voted on your top favorite Alta Gracia moments of 2011 and here they are The Alta Gracia Factory Worker...

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Happy Holidays from the Alta Gracia Team


To keep the Alta Gracia factory a happy and fun workplace (on top of paying our workers a living-wage) we closed the factory for the holidays.  Our workers also had some fun in the week leading up to their much-deserved vacation.  Here are some...

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Alta Gracia Success at NYU - Bookstore Manager Tells All


NYU was an early member of the Worker Rights Association.  Our students are a socially conscious group and membership in this organization was a natural.  We had been following and encouraging some of the efforts of late to improve the working...

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Alta Gracia Fan Spotlight!


My name is Mariel Mussack and I am a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am double majoring in Comparative Literature and Global Studies, with a focus on Latin American politics. I am originally from Cary, North...

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A Loss for Georgetown and the Alta Gracia Team


The death of Lamar Billups will be felt by all who knew and worked with him.  His support for our Alta Gracia project exemplified his commitment to improving the lives of others.  Knights Apparel joins the Georgetown community in conveying our...

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Alta Gracia Sales Hit an All Time High at Duke


                               We are pleased to announce a very important milestone for the Alta Gracia brand. Duke University Bookstore has just reached $500,000 in sales of Alta Gracia apparel. This means that Duke students, alumni and fans...

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Vandy Students Embrace Alta Gracia In More Ways Than One


It’s been quite a week for Alta Gracia at Vanderbilt University! In just a few days, the student newspaper published a feature story on Alta Gracia, CEO Joe Bozich visited his alma mater to tell the Alta Gracia story, the new Barnes & Noble campus...

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Snap Your Pics for Photo of the Week!


You might have noticed that we have been posting-up a photo of the week on our Facebook page recently.  It’s part of our new initiative to promote our “Common Threads Movement”.  As people submit photos of how they are wearing their Alta Gracia...

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Alta Gracia Fan Spotlight!


Hello hello!  My name is Alix Goldstein, and I am a junior at the University of Washington.  I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and escaped two years ago to the diverse, beautiful, and thriving city of Seattle!  I am majoring Geography and...

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Alta Gracia One Year Later: Doing Good IS Good Business!


Just over a year ago, we launched Alta Gracia, offering students, their families and alumni, for the first time, the opportunity to give the workers who sew their college logo t-shirts and hoodies a living wage and, thereby, a pathway out of...

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**Special Message From Alta Gracia Factory Workers**


The Alta Gracia East Coast Worker Tour sponsored by the United students Against Sweatshops has come to a close. It's been a crazy couple of weeks on the road, visiting universitires, meeting students, and talking with bookstore managers.  We have...

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Industry Insider Talks Alta Gracia


Ira Arlook is Chief of Advocacy Campaigns with Fenton Communications, which does public interest work around sweatshops, global warming, human rights and other issues. In addition to his work with Fenton, Ira serves as the executive director of...

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Updates From the Road


The Alta Gracia workers have hit Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City as they continue on with their East Coast tour sponsored by United Students Against Sweatshops.  Maritza Vargas and Elba Nurys have been stopping at campus...

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Our Workers Are On the Go


Alta Gracia workers Maritza Vargas and Elba Nuris tell their story on East Coast college campuses whose bookstores carry Alta Gracia t-shirts and hoodies. The tour is sponsored by The United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). The tour...

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Alta Gracia Event Helps Kick-Off Welcome Week at Georgetown


  Georgetown students started their fall semester this week and Alta Gracia stopped by to help them settle in.  Students gathered to hear our CEO Joe Bozich, Georgetown University President, John DeGioia, and Georgetown Professors John Kline and...

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The Common Threads Movement—Students Are Mobilizing Support on Their Campuses!


Reconnecting with friends after summer  work or adventures. Buying textbooks and maybe opening them. Getting up before noon again. Fall is officially upon us and campus is a’buzzing. Alta Gracia spent the summer with all of the students and...

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Alta Gracia Factory Workers Are Getting Social on Facebook


Hey all, Ksenya here! In case you’re wondering, I’m the one jumping off the bench in black pants. I’ve been working on Alta Gracia in D.C. this summer, and it’s been awesome to get involved with this project especially connecting with the workers...

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Voices from Altagracia: Living Wage is Transforming the Community


Greetings from Villa Altagracia.  I’ve spent the last several days interviewing Alta Gracia workers about how working there has impacted their lives.  I’ve heard many moving stories of workers reuniting with their families.  Finally being able to...

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On The Ground in Villa Altagracia (University of Montana Student Tells All!)


Hello Alta Gracia supporters!      I am writing from Villa Alta Gracia, Dominican Republic, where I will be for the remainder of the week as a representative of the United Students Against Sweatshops affiliate group at the University of Montana,...

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First Ever Alta Gracia Networking Event Brings in Full House


Last week, we held our first ever Alta Gracia public networking event and opened-up to a full house.  Over 50 Alta Gracia supporters, partner organizations, and student activists (and some curious souls) braved a torrential downpour that started a...

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Alta Gracia Branded Tees on the Road


As we continue on our summer road trip, Alta Gracia stopped at the 5th annual Sustaining Local Economies Everywhere (SLEE) Dinner hosted by the Community Alliance for Global Justice(  The happy hour and...

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Alta Gracia: “Moving and Inspirational”


“I thank God every day for the opportunity to work there,” Santa Castillo said. Castillo works at the Alta Gracia factory in the Dominican Republic making collegiate apparel. Why is she so thankful to be working for the company? The job has...

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This is what Student Enthusiasm Looks Like, Alta Gracia-Style


It’s been an awesome spring. We’ve always believed that Alta Gracia will do best when students and other supporters spread the word but we didn’t predict the WAY students are taking over as key outreach advocates. Here is some of what we’re...

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Do people actually care where their stuff comes from? Who makes it? I ask these questions when I travel the country talking to students about my experiences (recounted in my book “Where Am I Wearing?”) meeting garment workers in Honduras,...

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Design Your Own Alta Gracia T-Shirt


Since we first launched, people have been asking when they could get custom-made shirts using Alta Gracia.  We were a little busy—going from zero to 350 college bookstores in about six months took a pretty heavy lift. But today, we’re excited to...

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Guest Blog Post: Students Find Inspiration at Alta Gracia Factory


Earlier this month, I and seven other students from universities around the country visited the Alta Gracia factory in the Dominican Republic as representatives of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). Yes, this trip was as amazing as it...

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UCONN Huskies Can’t Get Enough Alta Gracia!


  Sold out! UCONN students have snapped up all of the UCONN Alta Gracia navy blue hoodies.  Don’t worry, there is still other Alta Gracia gear available at the UCONN bookstore ( --but this proves that the UCONN...

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Great Article from Madison Student Supporting Alta Gracia


University of Wisconsin Madison student, Jonah Zinn wrote a great piece on Alta Gracia this week.  We are very thrilled to see more and more students continue to get excited about Alta Gracia’s work, and helping us get the word out just in time...

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Rutgers T.V. Takes a Closer Look into Alta Gracia


Rutgers student, José Medrano takes an inside look at the Alta Gracia Project and tells our story on RU T.V.  This video does a great job of explaining what Alta Gracia is doing nationwide, and how it’s impacting the factory workers in the...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News


From local newspapers to University newspapers, Alta Gracia is popping up everywhere.  This week’s Round-up has coverage from lots of good Big 10 schools like The University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, and University of Minnesota, plus...

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Will Bucky Students at the University of Wisconsin Help Alta Gracia Succeed?


Patrick McGowan, Wisconsin’s University Book Store president asks that question. "It's up to the public now," says McGowan. "Our customers like to see product that supports workers earning a living wage and they reinforce that by buying the...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News


Excitment is building around Atla Gracia, check out the latest news on campuses around the country!  University of South Carolina – The Gamecock Clothing line new to USC There's a new brand of USC apparel in the Russell House bookstore...

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Occidental Students “Rock the Tag” for Alta Gracia


Alta Gracia has been hard at work promoting the apparel on campuses across the country.  As our name continues to spread we are excited to see how students are responding to Alta Gracia and promoting the idea and coming up with new and interesting...

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Big Recognition from Huffington Post, Big Momentum on Campuses


by Joe Bozich, Alta Gracia CEO You might remember that a few weeks back, we asked you to take a minute to cast a vote for me as the “Ultimate Game Changer” in the Style category. In no small part because of your involvement, I was given that...

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This Wednesday, a panel of experts will discuss the promise and challenges of Alta Gracia


This Wednesday, a panel of experts will discuss the promise and challenges of the Alta Gracia project during a forum Oct. 27 at 9:30 a.m. in the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. Panelists include Georgetown professor John...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News—Week of Sept. 20


With October approaching and universities around the country kicking into high gear, we’re seeing some terrific articles appear on campuses. Here are some stories from UMass-Amherst, Yale, Georgetown, University of Maryland, St. Louis University,...

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We’ve been named as a Huffingtonpost Game Changer! Vote for us!


Only months into our experiment, Alta Gracia and our very own CEO Joe Bozich has been selected as a Huffington Post Game Changer under Style. It’s a bit intimidating to be in competition with Tom Ford on “style” but we’ll take it. You can make...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News—Week of Sept. 13


It’s not yet Friday, but there are some great articles from Cornell, TCU, Stanford and Southern Illinois talking about Alta Gracia on their campuses this week. Here’s the list: Stanford University- The Stanford Daily Stanford Bookstore to carry...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News—Week of Sept. 7


Last week produced lots of new articles from several colleges about the arrival of Alta Gracia Apparel in their local bookstores as students get back to campus. We saw pieces from Duke, Temple, GW, The College of New Jersey, Lehigh, LSU, Nebraska,...

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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News


The reviews and stories from college papers are coming in.  And lots of positive coverage from campus papers. Here is a quick list of all the stories that we've seen. If we missed one, send us the link via the comments. We'll keep updating it as...

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Announcing Alta Gracia: Take Pride in Clothes that Make a Difference


For some time now, we’d been grappling with the question of how to offer something more useful to people living in poverty in developing countries than charity. How could we do business in a way that made a real and positive difference in the...

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