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The Shirt Project Visits Villa Alta Gracia
07 / 31 / 2013

To show The Shirt Project committee just how many people were affected by their choice, Alta Gracia flew a few members, including myself, down to the Dominican Republic for a factory visit.
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A chat with TU's Bookstore Manager Jim Hanley
03 / 18 / 2013

For almost a decade, Jim has been the general manager for Temple's Barnes and Noble university bookstore. Just so you know, this bookstore is one of the most successful stores that sells Alta Gracia apparel.
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The Traveling Alta Gracia Poster
10 / 16 / 2012

Barnes and Noble bookstore at Rutgers University celebrated their grand opening last month, and with it came the signing of a giant Alta Gracia poster. During the event, students and customers alike were write down what they would like to say to Alta Gracia's workers.
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University of Washington - September's Alta Gracia Bookstore Champion!
10 / 11 / 2012

University of Washington's bookstore talks with Allie Dowling about Alta Gracia and gives tips on how to increase awareness & sales for the brand.
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Someone should have warned me that I would fall in love with Alta Gracia.
09 / 20 / 2012

When the opportunity arose to head to Villa Alta Gracia to meet the factory workers in person, I couldn�t help but accept the offer.
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Alta Gracia on CBS "Big Brother 14"
08 / 17 / 2012

Cheers to Ian Terry, a Tulane University student and CBS "Big Brother" cast member, for sporting his Alta Gracia shirt on the show. Looking good, Ian!
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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News--Week of Sept. 7
09 / 13 / 2010
As students head back to campus, Alta Gracia is getting coverage in local campus papers. Check out this week's coverage for the short Labor Day week.
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Roundup of Alta Gracia in the News
09 / 02 / 2010
We've been receiving lots of great coverage of Alta Gracia in college newspapers. Here is a quick list of all the stories that we've seen.
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Announcing Alta Gracia: Take Pride in Clothes that Make a Difference
08 / 18 / 2010
By Joe Bozich, CEO and Donnie Hodge, President
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