Promoting Alta Gracia Apparel on Campus
You may already know the AG story or during this year’s 2018 USAS National Conference you learned about Alta Gracia Apparel and would like to help the movement.
1. Contacting School Administration
Contact the school administration re purchasing shirts for initiatives such as orientation, etc. from Alta Gracia. Include your Athletic Department as several schools have used Alta Gracia for athletic events such as White Out games, Military Appreciation games, etc.
2. Reaching Out to the Schools Bookstores
Visit Bookstore manager with a request to either buy 10% of their product from Alta Gracia or commit to Two (2) more racks.
3. On Campus Fraternities and Sororities:
Contact Fraternity / Sorority network on campus and ask them to request Alta Gracia blanks for their shirts. Their local printer can contact Alta Gracia for blanks or Alta Gracia can print
Sewing Hope - Learn the story of alta gracia apparel
Sewing Hope

Sewing Hope offers the first account of a bold challenge to apparel-industry sweatshops. The Alta Gracia factory in the Dominican Republic is the anti-sweatshop. It boasts a living wage three times the legal minimum, high health and safety standards, and a legitimate union—all verified by an independent monitor. It is the only apparel factory in the global south to meet these criteria.

The Alta Gracia business model represents an alternative to the industry’s usual race-to-the-bottom model with its inherent poverty wages and unsafe factory conditions. Workers’ stories reveal how adding US$0.90 to a sweatshirt’s production price can change lives: from getting a life-saving operation to a reunited family; from purchasing children's school uniforms to taking night classes; from obtaining first-ever bank loans to installing running water.

Sewing Hope invites readers into the apparel industry’s sweatshops and the Alta Gracia factory to learn how the anti-sweatshop started, how it overcame challenges, and how the impact of its business model could transform the global industry.


John Kline - Alta Gracia Research Project
The Alta Gracia Research Project Georgetown University
Alta Gracia pays a “living wage” more than three times the legal minimum wage, maintains excellent workplace health and safety standards, and has nego-tiated a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with a workers’ union — all verified by an independent labor rights organization. The standard assumption is that competitive market forces would bankrupt any employer who dared follow such practices. Alta Gracia defies this conventional wisdom — and the factory appears to be viable.
Buy Alta Gracia. The best thing you can do to #changelives is buy AG college tees & hoods and support the workers who make them, as well as your campus Bookstore - Next time you're buying AG in your bookstore, make sure you thank them for carrying LIVING WAGE APPAREL from Alta Gracia!
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