UNC uses fair standards to produce merchandise:   02 / 03 / 2012

The Daily Tarheel (University of North Carolina) - By: John Gorsuch and Derek Lochbaum - March 12, 2012.

Regarding the March 2 column “Pride in ethical apparel,” UNC remains committed to ensuring that fair labor standards and human rights are respected wherever UNC-branded merchandise is made. Companies producing items bearing UNC marks agree to comply with the University’s Labor Code of Conduct, adopted in 1999, as part of their contracts.

UNC is a member of two international labor monitoring organizations – the Worker Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association – devoted to improving working conditions and addressing related issues around the world.

Alta Gracia is based in Spartanburg, S.C. Knights Apparel, its parent company, ranked second in total UNC apparel sold this past fiscal year.

On Feb. 16, UNC, along with the University of Michigan, UCLA and the University of Wisconsin, hosted about 100 collegiate licensees on our campus to discuss and provide additional training on labor code compliance. Speakers included student, faculty and administrator representatives, along with the Knights Apparel vice president for social compliance.

Student Stores honors the University’s commitment to fair labor practices by selling only logo merchandise from licensed vendors. Last year, the store began selling Alta Gracia apparel. Its success at UNC depends on customers’ purchases.

We also believe it’s good business to support reputable N.C. companies. Currently, the store’s largest apparel supplier is Cotton Exchange from Wendell, N.C. Finally, Student Stores and trademark licensing earnings support undergraduate student scholarships and graduate fellowships.

John Gorsuch,
Director, Student Stores
Derek Lochbaum,
Director, Trademarks and Licensing