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Alta Gracia April: Living Wages Meet Stylish NU Apparel
02 / 05 / 2012

Her Campus Northeastern - By: Delia Harrington - April 9, 2012. On Wednesday, April 1, NU kicked off Alta Gracia April on campus with a Tie-Dye Extravaganza (with live music!) from 3-5pm in the Library Quad. You can buy a white Progressive Student Alliance sweatshop-free t-shirt to tie-dye for $10 or bring your own tee to tie-dye for free.
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UNC uses fair standards to produce merchandise
02 / 03 / 2012

The Daily Tarheel (University of North Carolina) - By: John Gorsuch and Derek Lochbaum - March 12, 2012. Regarding the March 2 column “Pride in ethical apparel,” UNC remains committed to ensuring that fair labor standards and human rights are respected wherever UNC-branded merchandise is made.
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By a Thread
02 / 25 / 2012

TOWN - by Heidi Coryell Williams - February 27, 2012 - Our COO Donnie Hodge speaks about Alta Gracia, the successes we have seen and his personal connection to the brand. - Have you ever lost something so important that you felt like a piece of yourself was gone, too? A job opportunity. A chance at a better life. A child.
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The Shirt Announces Vendor
01 / 19 / 2012

The Observer (Notre Dame University) - By Sam Stryker - January 19, 2012. As students pack Notre Dame Stadium next fall, not only will they be cheering on the Irish in style, but they will also be doing so in a socially conscious fashion.
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Alta Gracia Model Shown as 'Viable'
02 / 01 / 2012

The Chronical (Duke University) - By Gloria Lloyd - February 8, 2012. In Fall 2010, Duke became the first university to place an order with Alta Gracia, an apparel factory committed to ethical working standards.
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Alta Gracia Featured on Channel One News
02 / 26 / 2012

We were featured on Channel One News!
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Buy This Product
02 / 09 / 2011
TIME By Joe Kline July 18, 2010 - What's the opposite of a boycott...a buycott, perhaps? In any case, the New York Times reports on the noble effort of Knights Apparel to pay a living wage at its factory in the Dominican Republic. Knights manufactures college logo gear and the living wage is expected to raise the price of its t-shirts into the range of premium products like Nike. But you can handle that, right? Wouldn't it be a great thing if all you high-minded students out there--and even some slackers with a sense of justice--supported the Dominican people and bought this product?
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Factory Defies Sweatshop Label, But Can It Thrive?
02 / 27 / 2012
The New York Times - By Steven Greenhouse - July 17, 2010 SITTING in her tiny living room here, Santa Castillo beams about the new house that she and her husband are building directly behind the wooden shack where they now live.
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