What is a LIVING WAGE?
Alta Gracia pay their workers more than 3 times the minimum wage for apparel workers in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to this salary, the company respects its employees’ rights as workers and as human beings, including the right of a safe and healthy workplace, the right to be treated with dignity and respect on the job, and the right to form a union.
Hope | Pathways out of Poverty
Proceeds from your purchase provides hope and a pathway out of poverty for the people and their families who make this clothing. We guarantee each employee receives wages and benefits to cover the cost of meeting a families needs for all of life’s necessities. Including….
• Food and water • Housing and energy • Clothing • Healthcare
• Childcare • Transportation • Education  
Here's what they are saying about us
The Alta Gracia Research Project Georgetown University
Alta Gracia pays a “living wage” more than three times the legal minimum wage, maintains excellent workplace health and safety standards, and has nego-tiated a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with a workers’ union — all verified by an independent labor rights organization. The standard assumption is that competitive market forces would bankrupt any employer who dared follow such practices. Alta Gracia defies this conventional wisdom — and the factory appears to be viable.
Notre Dame | The Shirt
Who produces The Shirt?
The Shirt 2014 celebrates the 25th Anniversary of The Shirt and the 26th Shirt. The design includes the multiple members of the Notre Dame community and the home of Irish Football. The Shirt and cheering the team on by chanting, “WE ARE ND!”

The Shirt 2014 is a 60/40 blend of Cotton and Polyester. The Shirt 2014 is produced by Alta Gracia, who also produced The Shirt in 2012 and 2013.
Buy Alta Gracia. The best thing you can do to #changelives is buy AG college tees & hoods and support the workers who make them, as well as your campus Bookstore - Next time you're buying AG in your bookstore, make sure you thank them for carrying LIVING WAGE APPAREL from Alta Gracia!
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Alta Gracia Apparel is a groundbreaking new clothing line produced at the first-ever apparel factory in the developing world to pay a living wage and demonstrate full respect for workers rights. (learn more)